Realtime Connection Monitor

You can visual weight matrices in realtime, using the PyGame package with the following class.

class brian.experimental.realtime_monitor.RealtimeConnectionMonitor(C, size=None, scaling='fast', wmin=None, wmax=None, clock=None, cmap=<matplotlib.colors.LinearSegmentedColormap instance at 0x3de4680>)

Realtime monitoring of weight matrix

Short docs:

Connection to monitor
Dimensions (width, height) of output window, leave as None to use C.W.shape.
If output window dimensions are different to connection matrix, scaling is used, options are 'fast' for no interpolation, or 'smooth' for (slower) smooth interpolation.
wmin, wmax
Minimum and maximum weight matrix values, if left to None then the min/max of the weight matrix at each moment is used (and this scaling can change over time).
Leave to None for an update every 100ms.
Colour map to use, black and white by default. Get other values from*.

Note that this class uses PyGame and due to a limitation with pygame, there can be only one window using it. Other options are being considered.

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